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a fever you cant sweat out
panic at the disco
rating overall: 9.5/10
favorite song: lying is the most fun a girl can have

this is an absolute classic, i think the production really aids in conveying the aesthetic well and ryan ross' songwriting in genral is just AUGH i love this album with all my heart i dunno how they managed to come out the gate swinging as hard as they did but big applauds to them like serious

folie a deux
fall put boy
rating overall: 10/10
favorite song: what a catch donnie

SAGDGAHS THIS FUCKING ALBUM OHHHH MY GOD i love this album more than life itself its a REAL close tie for my favorite fall out boy album like it's so good i swear i dunno how i went all this time without listening to the whole thing its a genuine masterpiece

take this to your grave
fall out boy
rating overall: 7/10
favorite song: grand theft autumn

honestly this is a pretty album when compared to other pop punk shit at the time its very early fall out boy, not to be mean or anything its really good that they already had a defenitive sound in their debut i think the reason its not very exceptional to me is cause chronologically its the last of the pre hiatus albums i listened to