todo list:


yandere simulator redesigns

save up for piercings sometime this week

turn in job application



one scene, two medals

time: 12:06 pm

feeling: tired

listening to: a youtube video

my hair isn't pink anymore!! it's actually red with purple tinted tips, very cute very slay

anyways, yesterday i had a theater competition!! it was one acts and we did this play called doubt, i dont wanna get into the plot but basically i play this kids mom and im only in one scene and i got an all star cast award!! it was an honourable mention but im still proud of it!!

while i was at comp i got to watch this amazing DND play about a girl and her dead sister bonding over a campaign called she kills monsters ohhhh my goodness it was a mezmerizing i cant reccomend it enough and the actors were so nice and stuff

we also advanced!!! which is funnnnn except it means i have to have MORE rehearsals and i MAY miss prom which is absolutely a fucking no go lmao my directors just gonna have to deal cause i've already spent all this fuckin money.

anyways other than that lifes been pretty lathargeic, i think thats how you spell that

i'm saving up some commission money to go on a piercing date with my girlfriend can't wait for that! but since i'm under 18 my fuckin MOMS gonna have to accompany meeee ughhhhh

also i got back on my youtube grind!!! my videos doing kinda well and i changed my username,, i really wanna upload to my channel a bit more often cause i feel like i be neglecting it a lot i dont know how people can just make videos regularyl but then again don't have like a team or anything and i do everything on my phone


pink hair and prom era!!

time: 5:57 pm

feeling: confident

listening to: nothing

my hair is pink!!!

its pink and i absolutely love it rn! plus it's long as hell it's 24 inches which a whole TWO FEET OF HAIR ON MY HEAD HOLY SHIT LIKE WHATTTTT

other updates,, got my prom stuff!! also got called out for shit talking, baby i wasnt shit talking, YOU were breaking the law and i was calling you out on it


falling behind...

time: 1 : 29 am

feeling: tired

listening to: ex-factor (lauryn hill)

woe! new diary be upon ye! this took me hours to code and it's not even all that complex...

that's todays topic

it's been feeling like i'm way behind than where im supposed to be. like i don't have my liscence, i've only applied to ONE college, and my grades are way below average. the only thing i'd say i have a leg up on is my engagement and that's only because i've known i wanna marry sophia since i was 13

even when coding i had a bit of a late start but also in my defense i started when i was 15/16 give or take so like...

i don't know, being raised as a "gifted kid" really made me think that being behind in ANYTHING meant i wasn't special and it's a real hard feeling to shake